Affirm + Remain Grateful

11/8/19:00pm Hey Survivors, Gratitude to me is collection of thank- you's given in advance or proceeding an kind unselfish gesture. Being grateful sets us up for a solid foundation to accept more kindness. When we celebrate the little things by remaining grateful we will always have unlimited abundance. Why do you remain grateful? With Hugs …

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Affirm+Worry Less

10/18/10:00 am Hey Survivors, Let the worries of the day force you to win today. Temporary concerns will shift your focus in order for you to be present in this teachable moment. Take away the good, leave the bad and keep moving forward. What did you learn from your last worry? With Hugs and Love, …

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Affirm + Move Forward

10/16/10:43 am "Let every step you make today be new and true to the real YOU!! What is your next important step? With Hugs and Love, Lakell  

The Search of Self outside {Survivor’s Affirmation}

Repeat after me.... I am searching for my greatness inside of me. When I tap into it I will accept and receive all the blessings that follow. Thank you Lord for reminding me that I am enough. What affirmation is guiding you through today?

My best is here right now {Survivor’s Affirmation}

Repeat after me.... I am the best person I am meant to be right now today. Note to self: You are who you believe yourself to be What is your affirmation for today?

{WHY Wednesday} Midmorning Affirmation

When I create I intentionally breathe my WHY.   Why do you breathe today?   Do me Favor...Reach back and share with one person today:)