Salute to the Savior Sunday

Heavenly Father, Thank you for allowing me to see another day. Another chance at this life to live. I want to thank you today for your love, Lord You love me when I have a hard time loving myself. you whisper sweet reminders to my soul that only your love is real. When you talk …

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Journey Revisit {TGIF}

11/17/2017 21:30 pm Hey Survivors, I have some heart medicine for you:) Click here to check out "11 ways to feel your heart's desire lines" blog post to follow along with the series. How does your heart feel right now? With Hugs and Love, Lakell

My “Me” Time Friday

11/10/21:51pm Hey Survivors, I had a very necessary  "Me" day date with one of my favorite hairdresser this past Friday.  After working a long week of overtime I deserved every minute of this time away into myself. Here is the result: The best part of this day is how I felt after I made the …

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How do you rate your happy?

11/09/17:24 Hey Survivors, Have you ever really took the time to sit with your emotions?  Do you know what your happy feels like and when you are living in it the most? If your answer is no, let's see what we can do about that right now:) I have learned that emotions have a life …

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11 ways to feel your Heart’s Desire Lines

When your heart and desires align you will feel... 1. Unlimited energy to work until you fall asleep. 2. New thoughts and ideas will accompany the desire. 3. Moment of joy which is the auntie to happiness. 4. Your higher power's nudge to keep going 5. Clarity to clear your memories bank's pathway to your …

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