How do you rate your happy?

11/09/17:24 Hey Survivors, Have you ever really took the time to sit with your emotions?  Do you know what your happy feels like and when you are living in it the most? If your answer is no, let's see what we can do about that right now:) I have learned that emotions have a life …

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11 ways to feel your Heart’s Desire Lines

When your heart and desires align you will feel... 1. Unlimited energy to work until you fall asleep. 2. New thoughts and ideas will accompany the desire. 3. Moment of joy which is the auntie to happiness. 4. Your higher power's nudge to keep going 5. Clarity to clear your memories bank's pathway to your …

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Affirm + Move Forward

10/16/10:43 am "Let every step you make today be new and true to the real YOU!! What is your next important step? With Hugs and Love, Lakell  

{Living Truthfully} Fear..Thanks for keeping me safe

Journey Day 4: Being molested not only changed my life but the way I would think from that day forward. Which explains why I think so much. ALL THE TIMES!! It's a blessing when it's ideas but a curse followed by assumptions. One of my most consistent conversing sessions during that time with myself sounded a …

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{A Survivor’s Life} Living with Self Love

Self -Love is not selfish when it's about YOU! Feed your Soul Survivor's Journaling Assignment: What are you feeding your mind today? Do me Favor: Reach back and Share this with one person today:)  

{Why Wednesday} Living in the Why

Journey Day Three: I restarted this blog for many reasons. First, I needed somewhere for my writing legacy to live. Second, I love being the voice of a sexual abuse survivor because sometimes we forget we now have the freedom to speak our truth about our daily struggles. Last by not least, I created this because …

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{A Survivor’s Life} Living with Clear Vision

Journey Day Two: This past Saturday I attended my Annual Vision Board party  at my friend's house. This is serious business for the ladies and I because we get to be creative.  A house full of creatives is nothing but a good time in the making.  This party is like no other.   We start …

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