Inspired by Sundays

Hey friend, It's been awhile since we last talked. I have so much to share with you since I've been away. I have been off growing, thinking and loving every part of who I am becoming. I have a little inspiration I want to share with you!! Check out my latest video I hope …

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{Living Truthfully} Fear..Thanks for keeping me safe

Journey Day 4: Being molested not only changed my life but the way I would think from that day forward. Which explains why I think so much. ALL THE TIMES!! It's a blessing when it's ideas but a curse followed by assumptions. One of my most consistent conversing sessions during that time with myself sounded a …

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{WHY Wednesday} Midmorning Affirmation

When I create I intentionally breathe my WHY.   Why do you breathe today?   Do me Favor...Reach back and share with one person today:)