Salute to the Savior Sunday

1/21/21:30pm Heavenly Father, Thank you for making this day possible for me to see. A day of hope and rest in knowing all that I want and desire will soon come to pass. I will remain grateful in this journey because I can finally see what is next for me. Your belief in my ability …

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My “Me” Time Friday

11/10/21:51pm Hey Survivors, I had a very necessary  "Me" day date with one of my favorite hairdresser this past Friday.  After working a long week of overtime I deserved every minute of this time away into myself. Here is the result: The best part of this day is how I felt after I made the …

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My best is here right now {Survivor’s Affirmation}

Repeat after me.... I am the best person I am meant to be right now today. Note to self: You are who you believe yourself to be What is your affirmation for today?

{Salute to the Savior Prayer} Teach Me How to Treat Me

Heavenly Father, Thank you for another day to live, to breathe and to grow. Teach me Lord how to treat me better today than yesterday. I am guilty of beating myself up when I don't accomplish a goal or finish a task. I will get so upset at myself and immediately feel like a failure. …

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