Mental Suicide

Dear Thoughts, You are not always there for me. Like I expect You're sometimes mean to me. Like I expect You are that comfortable pain. Like I expect But don't misunderstand Although I expect different Sometimes different is unhealthy That's why I require daily check-ins Just to make sure we're still ok Although suicide was …

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Affirm + Love

02/11/23:54pm Hey Survivors, Be confident in the love you give. It is a direct reflection of who you are to the world. It's a responsibility that only the strong can carry. I will take my life and share it in your life so you can be the light of the next life you come in …

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Affirm+Worry Less

10/18/10:00 am Hey Survivors, Let the worries of the day force you to win today. Temporary concerns will shift your focus in order for you to be present in this teachable moment. Take away the good, leave the bad and keep moving forward. What did you learn from your last worry? With Hugs and Love, …

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Affirm + Move Forward

10/16/10:43 am "Let every step you make today be new and true to the real YOU!! What is your next important step? With Hugs and Love, Lakell  

{A Survivor’s Life} Living with Self Love

Self -Love is not selfish when it's about YOU! Feed your Soul Survivor's Journaling Assignment: What are you feeding your mind today? Do me Favor: Reach back and Share this with one person today:)